Reservation by Email

Send request for parking availability by e-mail
- Date and time of check-in
- Date and time of check-out
- License plate
- Car type
E-mail address:

Telephone Reservations

Info and Reservations - Michele: (+39) 347 0807025
Owner - Riccardo: (+39) 346 6112894
Mobile Garage: (+39) 346 7718913

PRICES - Valid from 08:00 AM until 01:00 PM the next day

Scooter: 15€ per night
Motorbike: 20€ per night
Car from 0 to 4,50 meters: 25€ per night
Car from 4,50 to 5,80 meters: 30€ per night
Maximum measures: Height 1,90 - Length 5,80 (meters)

CASH payment at check-in

CHECK-OUT: BEFORE 1:00 PM O'CLOCK on the day of departure


Payment upon arrival by car or motorcycle to the total number of days in which it is admitted.

Release authorization ZTL according to the days of hospitalization car / motorcycle.

The KEYS to the car or the motorcycle must be left to the garage for safety reasons.

All prices are taxes included.
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