Reservation by Email

Send request for parking availability by e-mail
- Date and time of check-in
- Date and time of check-out
- License plate
E-mail address:

Telephone Reservations

Info and Reservations - Michele: (+39) 347 0807025
Owner - Riccardo: (+39) 346 6112894
Mobile Garage: (+39) 346 7718913

PRICES - Valid from 08:00 AM until 01:00 PM the next day

Scooter: 15€ per night
Motorbike: 20€ per night
Car from 0 to 4,50 meters: 25€ per night
Car from 4,50 to 5,80 meters: 30€ per night
Maximum measures: Height 1,90 - Length 5,80 (meters)

CASH payment at check-in

CHECK-OUT: BEFORE 1:00 PM O'CLOCK at the next day

From 1:00pm to 8:00pm the following SUPPLEMENTS will be added to the price:

Motorbike or Scooter: +5€
Car from 0 to 4,50 meters: +10€
Car from 4,50 to 5,80 meters: +15€


Payment upon arrival by car or motorcycle to the total number of days in which it is admitted.

Release authorization ZTL according to the days of hospitalization car / motorcycle.

The KEYS to the car or the motorcycle must be left to the garage for safety reasons.

All prices are taxes included.
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